Spring is in the air

I had a chance to get out again yesterday for a short local session. ENE at Mary Curtis park with Sandro and Greg. I would have been sitting on the beach watching if it weren’t for these guys letting me try their gear. Sandro had his 2015 118 Tabou Rocket and a 6.2 Goya which I secretly had been dying to try. I’m not really a technical wizard or expert in any way so my review of the board would going something like this.

Review of 2015 Tabou 118 Rocket : The 2015 118 Tabou Rocket is awesome, buy one. End of review.

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That board planes effortlessly through lulls and although there was some work to be done on the 6.2 because of yesterdays variable conditions. I would imagine that 7.5 to 8 m sail would create a dreamy combination in the lighter wind. Just watch some Sandro’s vid from December in only 10-15 knots and you’ll wonder why people bother with kites anymore.







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