Dumb Groundhog

That ground hog is unreliable. He was way off this year we definitely have cracked spring and as the final layers of snow and ice melt away some southern ontario windsurfers are tallying up sails in an early start to the season. This past wednesday was an exception to the rule of doming. Typically the lakes are so cold that warmer winds and air temps will cause the wind to rise up causing a doming effect and ultimately leave sorry windsurfing souls sitting on the beach. At 20 degrees C air temp 20-30 knot sw thermals  managed to crank over niagara region  and old reliable (Club Lasalle) managed to pump out some decent conditions. It was filled in at times and there were holes during others but what matters is that we sailed and it was fun. Water temp is somewhere around freeze your nuts off still but with a solid suit and no holes in your crotch you should be fine. JF, Greg, Adrian and myself managed to get out. While Niagara mike and John made it down for some early season windsurfing pics. I snapped a few pics of Adrian the late arrival and Greg long boarding because his both his babies are in the shop.  A link to windinsight.com for some high quality pics by John.

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