Incredible start to 2016

What an incredible start to the 2016 windsurfing season. Its been so mild this winter that we have been able to get out here early in Southern, Ontario. As long as temperatures are 2-3 degrees air temp and the location is free of ice a small crew of windsurfers will make the commitment. Its important to because even though sailing on your own is an option, its comforting to know that your friends have your back in case of a mishap. So far this year I have totalled 6 sessions and 4 of them have been off the charts.

A huge shout out to “The Shoal’ in Paradise Park, Ajax. I’m embarrassed to say I had never sailed there and for the last 8 years that I’ve been living in Mississauga, it has been right there under my nose. With huge ramps and rideable waves it is a must try for any big SW or E day. Here are a few pics from last week at The Shoal on a small day. I can’t wait to see what is next… will Sandbanks and Macs open up. .. will the Reef lite up a few times before the warm weather comes…. one thing is for sure dreaded doming effect is on the horizon. Some lucky crews are counting down the days when they head to Hatteras to party hard sound side and Ocean side. Ripping up the ocean on their shiny new gear they bought at wind-nc. So jealous.




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